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Why CNN Wants You to Believe That Hillary Clinton Won the Democratic Debate | Brian Hanley

Why would CNN be so quick to declare Hillary Clinton the winner of Tuesday's Democratic debate, when the majority of online polls crowned Bernie Sanders?

Well, it could have something to do with the fact that Time Warner Cable owns CNN. Time Warner, of course, has donated over $400,000 to Hillary Clinton's campaigns.

That's where things can get tricky for the media. It's hard to remain objective when your parent company has so much skin in the game.

Thanks to one Reddit user, we have evidence to suggest that CNN deleted its own poll showing Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton.


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The Best Way To Make Your Marriage Successful by Kerry McIntosh

Marriage couples usually ask for advice once they are ready to give up on their relationship. This is a gigantic reason why one in two marriages are destined to fail. They do not look for the best marriage advice earlier so they can learn how to make their marriage better.

Have you ever thought about what is necessary to make a marriage better? It's not solely one thing, but in fact a lot of things that will determine the accomplishment of a marriage.

The most vital thing you must have to make a marriage a good one is to communicate. Without communication your marriage will certainly fail. Communication is the only way your marriage might progress further and be better than what it is currently.

Compassion is essential for any married couple that wishes to make it through their relationship. Whether you realize it or not, your spouse will always notice your behavior. If you are not compassionate or kind to one another, you will more than likely be arguing and fighting instead. Arguing and fighting will advance to a lot more arguing and fighting, making it more difficult for you to have a thriving marriage.

The following thing a good marriage needs to have is efficient listeners. As soon as you develop the capability to listen to your spouse it can help you determine only current issues that may be existing inside your marriage. Once you listen efficiently you'll be able to resolve a large amount of problems before they get worse.

Successful married couples are great at sharing. They share their full life with one another, and they do not conceal their behaviors or emotions from each other.

You must take trips and escapades with each other so you both can share one memory of your past you can recall and cherish for years to come. As soon as you understand how to share your life with your mate it will bring out better things inside your marriage.

Also, you have to have affection within your marriage if you wish to be successful. Affection is crucial since it might make your spouse feel that they are desired or desired in the marriage. The finest advice is to always show your mate affection or they may search for it from some where else.

As soon as you realize how to have a thriving relationship it will build much more confidence in you and your marriage. Just continue to progress and continue to display confidence in each other and it will be tricky to not to attain marriage bliss.

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Social media positive for teens? Maybe!

Story highlightsReport: One in five teens says social media makes them feel more confident52% of teens also say social media helps their relationships with friends Media outlets tend to focus on the negatives of social media, such as cyberbullyingTeens are also using social media for social good, experts say I'll admit it right at the start: When I think about teens and social media, I immediately begin to tally up the negatives.

What good could possibly come from teens and tweens spending gobs of time on online networks, posting nonstop "selfies," some in rather suggestive poses, and often communicating with people they don't even know?

A running joke at home: My girls, ages

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Would Nationalized Health Care Be Good or Bad for America?

Healthcare investing rises are out of control, and also medical insurance costs blow up each year. Therefore, American-made products cost much more, customers pay even more, and also America's competition in the international market is jeopardized. However the concern of federal government control is a touchy topic and a slippery slope.A survey

carried out lately by the American Consumer Institute disclosed that a lot of Americans resist the concept of a nationalized medical strategy, where the federal government would regulate physicians and also hospitals. The variety of first class doctors will diminish, as well as health care in general will certainly suffer. Germany, Australia, a

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7 Questions To Ask A Cheap Divorce Lawyer Prior To Selecting One